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    I have never faced with this problem earlier i am installing PWS from the CD Windows NT 4 Options pack while i am loading it gave an warning that an latest version of windown NT Service pack is there do you want to still go ahead with installation i clicked yes and continued.I got this problem<BR>i also uninstalled windows NT Service Pack 6.0<BR>error &#039 8002801d&#039 <BR>Library not registered. <BR><BR>/iisadmin/website/default.asp, line 67 <BR><BR><BR>

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    which SP version do you have? 6a?<BR><BR>I&#039ve had that &#039error&#039 and it&#039s actually just a warning,, which reads : &#039we have not tested this product beyond sp3, do you wish to continue&#039<BR><BR>it should be fine. thing is you haven&#039t said whether the Libarray not registered error comes on installing PWs or uninstalling the service pack, so can you try again?<BR><BR>j

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