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    Michael W. Guest

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    Howdy! I have a small little question. I&#039m pulling off a record from a database, and I&#039m looking to show the first 10 words only of that record. I know how to show the first characters, but I need the first 10 words. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!

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    try:<BR>Instr function

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    Kristen Guest

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    Yea, also the Split function may be of help.<BR>myArray = Split( rs("dbfieldname") )<BR><BR>The first 10 elements of the array will contain your first 10 words.<BR>

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    Default Correct, and...

    ...since this person is probably a newbie, you should point out that the easy way to then convert just those first 10 words back to a string is...<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>myArray = Split( rs("dbfieldname") )<BR>ReDim Preserve myArray( 9 ) &#039 arrays start at zero, so this cuts to 10 elements<BR>tenWords = Join( myArray )<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Michael W. Guest

    Default Thank You!

    Excellent, it works perfectly, thanks!

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