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    I&#039m trying to send a .msg message from an HTML page.<BR>This is how I do it. I store a .msg file on the web server. I create an HTML link to that file from the web page. When I click on the link I get the message<BR><BR>Can&#039t open file: c:documents and settings&#060;mylogin here&#062;local settings emporary internet files...The file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, or it may be open in another program. Right click the folder that contains that file, and then click properties to check your permissions for the folder....<BR><BR>This successfully opens outlook from my machine when I click on the link, however it doesn&#039t work from most other machines(My m/c is not the web server). I have seen it work on other web sites. I believe it could have something to do with the settings on the wb server. Does anybody have any idea on this one??<BR><BR>

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    you can&#039t do it from a plain HTML page<BR><BR>you can use virtually any server-side framework to do so though, what does you server support?<BR><BR>j

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