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    Hi,<BR>I have to integrate my database with another site&#039s database. i.e if the user is visiting that site also they can use the same login and password. to do that i have to pass certain values to the second site. I was using session variable to hold the values and keep track of the user in my site. Now how to pass this value to the another site in the get method. Please help me

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    seems your only option is to use<BR>a) form input to go to the other site (could be masked as an image), sending the info in a post and having the other site read it.<BR>or<BR>b) querystring, where the other site would then parse the info.<BR><BR>please note that if any of this is sensitive data, neither is a great way to do this, and if it&#039s a lot of data, the querystring might not work very well.

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