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    Every time I try and access a database using ASP I keep getting an error message saying that MSIE can&#039t open the page and the operation times out. I am running PWS on Win98 - this only happens when I try and open a database, but all the ODBC DSN etc are setup correctly. Any ideas?<BR><BR>Kevin.

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    I can&#039t really help you but i want to add that i&#039m having a similar problem. At work i designed a database driven site on PWS and Win95 that works fine. I tried to use the site on my home computer with PWS and Win98. The first database page will load ok, but after that every database driven page will fail to load and just time out. I&#039ve double checked my DSN and all that stuff. I can&#039t figure out why the same setup works on one computer and not another.

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