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    Murale Guest

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    Email to be fired after one day of submission of a form. How to do it through asp, if any body knows the logic behind it,please let me know, thanks in advance

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    Hi.<BR><BR>If you have SMTP services active on you IIS box, use CDONTS object to send mail. If mail server is on another machine e.g, then use "sendmail" - a freebie component with ALL documentation to send mail in 4 lines of code !<BR><BR>search for sendmail on the internet<BR><BR>ciao<BR><BR>IQ

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    This can be done a couple of ways. ASPs can generate Email messages (and it&#039s easy) by using the CDONTS object. You just specify who the message is to, from, subject, body, etc.. This would be fine if you wanted the page to submit the Email immediately, but your problem is the time delay. I had a similar problem.<BR><BR>I resolved it by doing it another way (relies on a database e.g. SQL Server): Create an ActiveX component that generates the Email if 24 hours has passed. Save the ActiveX script in the DTS of SQL Server. You can then schedule the script to be fired say every hour. The script will check if 24 hours has passed and send the message if needed. In my project the time the form is submitted is stored in the database, so the script just checks the current time against the submit time. That is the theory. If you want more details let me know.

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    Murale Guest

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    Thanks<BR>My Database is also SQL Server. same requirement as u..<BR>please More detail about it...<BR>DTS?

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