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    Anne Guest

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    I am trying to post the data from a single form to an asp file and to an ssl server. Is there a way to post the form to both? I need for the form to go to the ssl server with the cc info and then be sent to the asp file for database entry minus the cc info, email notifications to purchaser and store owner. The owner of the store does not use authorizenet and does not want to. Any ideas how I can secure the cc info to the ssl server and the other data to the ssl without the user filling in two forms?

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    MG Guest

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    You need a service like to process the transaction. Once you set that up then sending data to the SSL is as easy as creating a form and using the post method.

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    Anne Guest

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    As I mentioned, the owner of the site does not want to use Authorizenet. He does have a ssl on his server and wants the data posted there, but we also need for the user and the owner to receive email notification of the order without the cc info. Any other ideas?

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    lalita Guest

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    hi<BR>i&#039;ve two different form tags in an asp which have the same asp in the action<BR>i want to send the data in one form thru http request and the the data in the other form thru https request<BR>can it be possible that two forms call the same asp one thru http and other thru https?<BR><BR>

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