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    Bill<BR><BR>The other day you were helping me with an asp chat room. I resolved the multi-room issue by putting each room in its own directory and that works fine. I do have an issue that I would like some direction on though.<BR><BR>I placed the 4 chat rooms under a primary folder called test and then a folder called chat that has 4 folders, one for each chat room with their respective 5 pages. All of that works fine. <BR><BR>I decided to experiment a bit and placed a second folder called test_1 and duplicated the above. The problem is that when I do that if I access say chat room 1 in test and then chat room 1 in test_1 the chat gets mixed. I can see why but I am wondering what the resolution might be.<BR>

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    &#062; I am wondering what the resolution might be.<BR><BR>Depends on how you did it, doesn&#039t it? Is each sub dir its own virtual directory? If so, they shouldn&#039t get mixed. If not, then any of the same name will of course be mixed.<BR><BR>No fair asking that without me seeing source code *and* your Web server setup. Sorry.<BR><BR><BR>

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