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    Hi, I have 3 records:<BR><BR>Select * from products<BR><BR>Product P_Date<BR>1 2000-04-03 16:15:50.000<BR>2 2000-04-03 16:20:10.000<BR>3 2000-04-03 16:50:30.000<BR><BR>I need to make a select to show only the records between 16:15 and 16:20<BR><BR>Select * from products where P_date ?????? <BR>how I can filter this ....<BR>

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    R&D --&#062; convert(char(5),DateColName,108)<BR><BR>this will return the time what you will have to do is check for the date and then the time in your sqlquery or you can change the style.<BR><BR>i am assuming here that all you have is the time and want to retrieve the values. If it for a given date and you have the date and time then you can just do<BR><BR>where P_date &#062;= &#039FromDate&#039 and P_date &#060;= &#039ToDate&#039<BR><BR>

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