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    My employer has asked me to research "Why" we should develop future business applications with either "ASP", "Cold Fusion", or "HAHT-SITE". We also want to know what the Fortune 500 companies are using. Can any of you recommend a site that identifies what the Fortune 500 companies are using as well as a site that compares "ASP", "Cold Fusion", and "HAHT-SITE" tools.<BR>Thanx.

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    I do not know of such a site. The three common ways to develop websites tend to be ASP, Java or Perl. I would anticipate that most fortune 500 companies will be running Java or ASP. I have noticed a pattern in many major web sites (such as that first they develop a working site in ASP and then migrate to Java. The pros for ASP are that there is a lot of support for it on the Internet, is not the hardest language in the world to learn, and finding ASP developers is cheaper/easier than finding Java guys. Java however is more robust, scalable, platform independent and faster than ASP because it is pre-compiled

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    In your analysis, you might want to consider ASP.NET. It is precompiled so the speed issue is not longer an issue. ASP is a RAD delevelop enviroment. You will find much more support for ASP/VB than Java.

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