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    Matt G. Guest

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    Hi there!<BR><BR>My question is about:<BR>VbScript&#039s URLEncode and HTMLEncode, and<BR>Javascript&#039s Escape and Unescape.<BR><BR>Basically, I put admin sections in my websites, password protected (of course!), where users can update content and admins (me) can update actual asp pages. <BR><BR>I have noticed, on occassion, that some of the TEXTAREAS that show the content/asp that is to be updated, are slightly different than how they are saved to disk. Obviously, if I am updating asp through this interface, I can&#039t have it mangling my code when it re-writes it!<BR><BR>So my question is, to have exactly what is saved to disk appear in a TEXTAREA area, and to have it re-submitted exactly as it appears, should I be using HTMLEncodes, URLncodes, Escapes or Unescapes for displaying text or re-submitting forms with new text? And if so, where and when?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Matt G.<BR>PS: And I assure you, I have read up on, and even used all of these functions before (except for unescape), and for the most part have not had problems. I need someone who really understands the nitty gritty on these to explain what is happening behind the scenes!<BR><BR>

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    Hemant Guest

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    Please try for the &#060;PRE&#062; tag prior to the textarea.<BR><BR>eg.<BR>&#060;PRE&#062;&#060;TEXTA REA row....&#062;<BR>blahblahblah<BR>&#060;/TEXTAREA&#062;&#060;/PRE&#062;<BR><BR>I think this will server your purpose.

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