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    I have hit a roadblock with a form I am creating. The content in one of the pull down menus depends on what value is entered in a different part of the form. How can I make the page refresh with the correct information automatically after selecting the 1st piece of info? I also want to make sure that the data that has already been entered into the form isn&#039t lost when the dependent field is populated. Does this make sense?<BR>Any help would be greatly apprediated.<BR>

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    Hi,<BR><BR>It all makes sense. I cant give you the code, but you dont even need to REFRESH the page - save a roundtrip from the server by using javascript and the DOM (Document Object Model) of the browser to capture ONSELECT events form the selected list to update the values of the other elements in your form.<BR><BR>You need to scour javascript examples. Try ot<BR><BR>IQ

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