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    SteveW Guest

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    I have an input form with a text box. The text is long and therefore has paragraph breaks. When this displays, HTM doesnt display the breaks.<BR><BR>I believe what I need to write code to replace the ASCII character for a line break with a <BR>.<BR><BR>1. Does anyone know the code...?<BR>2. Can you tell me how to apply it to my text?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Hi,<BR><BR><BR>The textarea tag for HTML, has a WRAP property for this. Check these values in a HTML book.<BR><BR>for ASP, vbNewLine is the ASCII equivalent line break i believe.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>IQ<BR>

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    KPW Guest

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    If I&#039m reading this correctly, you have a multi-line text box and you want to take the text that was entered in that field and display it back to the user, with line breaks in the appropriate spots.<BR><BR>To do this, you need to use the Replace function. Assuming that the contents of the text box are in the variable sTextBox, you would do the following:<BR><BR>sWrappedString = Replace(sTextBox, vbCrLf, "&lt;BR&gt;")<BR><BR>HTH

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