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    There is probably a really easy way to do this, but I&#039m lost.....<BR><BR>I am working on an ASP applicaiton that maintains an inventory of PCs and work orders for technitions that repair them. I have it working where you can lookup PCs and look up work orders. I want to be able to have a user look up a PC and then be able to click a link and go to whatever work order is open for this PC..<BR><BR>Work order lookup is based on work order id number and PC lookup is based on PC id number.<BR><BR>I need a way to retrieve the work order number and pass it to my work order page right after the user clicks the "view current work order" link<BR><BR>Is there a way to make an asp page that will retrieve this data and then redirect to the work order screen?? (or something like this)<BR><BR>Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can do this? <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Hi.<BR><BR>From what i gather, you need to bind your anchor &#060;A href=""&#062; tags from ASP, hence you dynamically generate anchor links for all the PCIDNumber.<BR><BR>You should have something like:<BR>&#060;%=&#060;a href="somepage.asp?PCIDNumber=" & rs("ID)&"&#062;&#060;/a&#062;"%&#062;<BR><BR>Then Somepage.asp will take the ID<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim strPCIDNumber<BR>strPCIDNUMBER = request("PCIDNUMBER")<BR><BR>&#039Next you select all work orders for that PCIDNUMBER<BR><BR>Select * from WorkOrders<BR>where PC.PcIDNUMBER = WorkOrders.PCIDNUMBER<BR>and Workorders.Pcidnumber = strPCIDNUMBER<BR>order by date etc etc<BR><BR>&#039response.write the results. Hope this gives you some pointers.<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>IQ

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