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    Sunny Guest

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    I have two problems but they are related so i am posting them on same thread...<BR><BR>1. How do i kill the session after i have done whatever action i wanted so that before leaving "somepage.asp" I can kill session ("temporary"). Or whatever name we want to use.<BR><BR>2. Also my session expires time is set to 20 minutes. after 20 minutes it gives error of EOF or BOF. Instead, i want to send this to first page as soon as the session expires. I know it is not more than 4 lines of code, But i can&#039t find it.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Hi <BR><BR>1. TO kill a session, use Session.Abandon or set the Session variable to null e.g. Session("temporary")="".<BR><BR>2. YOU MUST Remove ALL Database connections from Session, and store them to a local variable. This is a massive overhead on performance on IIS. You are creating a Database Session Connection for each and every user, coupled with timeout problems, this is a problem. REMOVE ANY ADO CONNECTION STRINGS/PARAMATERS FROM SESSION N O W !<BR><BR>IQ<BR><BR>IQ

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    Sunny Guest

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    Thanks Imran,<BR> But when i use session.abandon it abandons every session and does not takes the next command of response.redirect ("homepage.asp").<BR>The reason might be i don&#039t know how to use it.<BR>could you write the code that i should write for it. <BR>Should i write it in global.asp or on every page.<BR><BR>thanks Again

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    Sunny Guest

    Default still waiting

    Still waiting ... anyone knows this ... <BR>please see the last post...

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