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    I&#039m using the following code to give me a textstream called strLine. The problem is that I want to manipulate this string, in particular to use visual basic commands like "instr" and "left" to pull it apart and then store part of it in a database. I can put the whole string in a db, but when I try to manipulate it, as I said above, and put that in the database, I just get nonsense. Is there something obvious I need to put in these command lines to allow me to manipulate the string? Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Set objFSO=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemOb ject")<BR>Set objFile=objFSO.GetFile(CurrentFile)<BR>Set objFileTextStream=objFile.OpenAsTextStream(ForRead ing, TristateUseDefault)<BR><BR>strLine=Server.HTMLEnco de(objFileTextStream.Readall)

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    Yes, why are you using HTMLEncode just to put your string into a database? HTMLEncode converts a string into a format, so that you can use this String in a URL (for example, the "+" comes from the HTMLEncode function when you call HTMLEncode("John Doe") . <BR>I guess, you just need to get rid of that Server.HTMLEncode and your code will be working fine!<BR>

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