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    Thanks for all the help so far, I am (slowly) getting somewhere :-)<BR><BR>I have got an html page which reads data from an xml page. <BR>To load the page i use the following line<BR><BR>xmldso_list.XMLDocument.load("data.xml ")<BR><BR>Now I want to create the data.xml page with ASP, so I did an asp page which outputs an xml like code (but without line breaks)<BR><BR>But if I call that page with above code line, no data arrives at my html page.<BR><BR>Could it be that the linebreaks are important, or do I miss something else?<BR><BR>Your help is much appreciated!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Response.ContentType ="text/xml" might help<BR><BR>do you have an ?xml declaration?<BR><BR>:)

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