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    Sid Guest

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    Hi all i am using an onclick to hide a few text boxes but i would also like to uncheck a radio this is what i have tried ...<BR><BR>document.apply.bothLegs.checked=&#039fa lse&#039<BR><BR>this does not work . Can anyone help ?<BR>Thanks <BR>Sid

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    firstly you need a boolean variable, you have text, so try<BR><BR>document.formName.radioButtonName.check ed = false<BR><BR>also you probably need to put in the ordinal position of the radio you want to uncheck,<BR><BR>document.formName.radioButtonName[0].checked = false<BR><BR>should do it.<BR>

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    Sid Guest

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    Thanks but i have had to change the way i am doing this completely. ( nice clients ) ;-(

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