The problem, here at my work, is that our import is causing a huge number of transactions to be sent to our (dest)replicated server.<BR>The scenerio is as follows:<BR>1. We import about 40000 rows into some tables that reside in a different database than that of my (source)replicated database. This database is NOT replicated.<BR>2. We then use that database to update the (source)replicated database. This does not update/insert/delete 60000 transactions, more like 2000. FYI this is done by DTS calling multiple Stored Procs.<BR>3. Our distibution server sends 60000 transactions to the (dest)replicated database. This takes a while for the (dest)replicated database to absorb, causing downtime due to locks.<BR><BR>I have mentioned to my dba that this is probably caused by the temp tables that I create in my procs. He insists that it is not.<BR>He thinks that it is caused by DTS sending over all the transactions once it is finished.<BR>I told him that it cannot be DTS because this was happening when the SQL statements were all done in one Stored proc. <BR><BR>My questions are<BR>What is causing all these transactions to be transmitted all at once?<BR>Is there a way to commit a few transactions throughout the process?