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    We&#039re trying to create cookies that, when saved, don&#039t have the path information about where they are from. This sounds strange, but I work for the CDC, and the government does not allow us to save any information that may be used for tracking Internet use. Saving the path would fall under tracking information.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I&#039ve tried setting the Path and Domain properties of the cookie object to "", but the cookie itself is still saved with the path information (in fact, the name of the cookie in the cookie folder is the path).<BR><BR>I&#039ve noticed that some cookies ( for instance) don&#039t have the path info. Anyone know how to create a persistent cookie without the path being saved?<BR><BR>Thanks for any ideas.<BR><BR>Dan

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    Depends on how long you are persisting the cookie. If you&#039re just using the cookie for the session, don&#039t put an expiry date for the cookie.

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