Hiya<BR><BR>Please could somebody advise me on how to tackle my problem.<BR><BR>basically I want our staff to be able to send out a xmas e-card I have already made to clients, those clients get an email saying &#039a ecard is waiting for you&#039 etc (like you see on most card sites). The thing is, I have made the card in Flash, there is a form at the bottom to allow staff to input the reciepients name, email - their name and email and a personal message, you can then press preview and the information is passed into the card and it is personalised, but...how do I then get it to save that card as a URL so that I can mail the cutsomers the address? Or alternatively from a web page could you send the whole flash card to the customer?<BR><BR>I would appreciate any help as I have never done anything like this before...<BR><BR>thanks alot.<BR><BR>Sammy