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    Henrik Malmvig Guest

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    I had recently got our Intranet services up running using Win2000, IIS and MS-Access. Now the time has come for us to switch platform from Win2000 to Linux. Hoping to get a test rig up&#039running on following configuration: RH 6.2, Apache 1.3.3, ChiliASP 3.5.2, I am therefore looking after a database to fit in as the last component. I master SQL, but I am a very newbee dealing with Linux and setting&#039up databases. <BR><BR>The perfect solution would be:<BR><BR>- Work with ChiliASP 3.5.2 (no know problems if any)<BR>- run smoothly on our configuration<BR>- preferable freeware<BR>- easy installation<BR>- easy to configurate<BR><BR>Thx for your time<BR>Yours sincerely<BR>Henrik Malmvig

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    ND Guest

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    Your request list matches MySQL almost perfectly.<BR>Check it out<BR><BR>I just got it myself, things are pretty easy and very fast.

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