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    Kel Guest

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    I am using the following statement to call an ASP function and I&#039m getting an error. Can you not pass more than one parameter in an ASP function?<BR><BR>function1("a","b",c") Is this not allowed? The error I&#039m getting is &#039parenthesis not allowed&#039.

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    Nathen Grass Guest

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    Functions always return values so when you call a function you must set it equal to something:<BR>i.e.<BR><BR>myVar = function1("a","b",c")<BR><BR>Functions always use parentheses so if ASP sees parentheses when you&#039re calling a function and you&#039re not setting it equal to something then you&#039re going to get that error.<BR><BR>FYI<BR>A sub-routine, on the other hand, doesn&#039t return a single value so it doesn&#039t use parentheses and you don&#039t set it equal to a variable.<BR>

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    Another problem if the first response doesn&#039t work is that you are missing a quote around your third parameter. I didn&#039t if you knew that.

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    Kel Guest

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    Thanks Nathen, that worked!!

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