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    [I apologise for posting this message in ASP Q & A]<BR><BR>I&#039m finishing up a rather large site (1000 items, around 1500 pages completely database driven)... right now it has an Access backend ( I heard that mumble! ;-) ). We are hoping for at least a thousand to five thousand hits a day. It was my intention to scale the project to SQL Server (I currently don&#039t have it on my development computer and there is no trial available for download). <BR><BR>I&#039ve heard alot of good things about mySQL. I&#039ve already visted their webpage, seen test results, etc. Anyone have positive / negative feedback regarding it? <BR><BR>Also, we will be using Interland for a few months... is it difficult managing mySQL on a hosting computer (if Interland supports it)? I wish i could find something like Access -- no real worries about how it will be served -- with multi-threading support. <BR><BR>Thank you

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    Default Been answered there <eop>


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