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    The script below is working fine in IE how can make it work in Netscape as well.<BR>&#060;SCRIPT language="javascript"&#062; <BR> function enablePrint(){ <BR> var ischecked = document.frmapproval.chkAcceptWO.checked <BR> <BR> if (ischecked == true){ <BR> document.frmapproval.cmdPrint.disabled = false;<BR> document.frmapproval.cmdCancel.disabled = true; <BR> } <BR> else if (ischecked == false){ <BR> document.frmapproval.cmdPrint.disabled = true; <BR> document.frmapproval.cmdCancel.disabled = false;<BR> } <BR> } <BR> &#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR>Thanks<BR>Mat

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    NN 4.x doesn&#039t support disabled, however NN4.0 is now officially out of date. netscape 6.0 is now available from<BR><BR>j

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