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    hi<BR><BR>We are using asp as the front end and db2 residing on the mainframe as the db.the information from the db is to be pulled out and inserted using SNA.Could someone pl.tell me how this is done or where i can find articles on how to go about this.<BR>thanx

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    Default DB2 comes with ODBC driver...

    ...on OS/390, at least, so all you have to do is make the proper connections to the driver. Now, how easy is that? I dunno. I just did ODBC from mainframe to mainframe, which worked but the setup was a royal pain (luckily, I didn&#039t have to do it). I can imagine that it&#039s even worse from NT to OS/390, but...<BR><BR>I think I&#039d go find an OS/390 systems person to help on this one, for sure! Else I don&#039t think you have a prayer, honestly.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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