We&#039re developing a code generator that can generate database-driven ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, C++ code, (+ most other languages); HTML or WAP enabled. The preview is at http://www.CodeCharge.com <BR>We&#039re interested in finding Beta users who&#039d help us make it better and bug free. You&#039d receive a free copy ($200). <BR>If interested, please sign-up at http://www.codecharge.com/beta/signup.php <BR><BR>FEATURES:<BR>Application:<BR>- Works with most databases: MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.<BR>- Generates source code in most languages: ASP, PHP, JSP, C++, Perl<BR>- Uses XML/XSL code templates allowing you to customize code generation process and add support for other languages<BR>- Shows visual site diagram<BR>- Supports Extensions/Components<BR>- Uses Styles/CSS to customize the initial site look<BR><BR>Generated code:<BR>- Supports multi-level security (administrator, editor, user, etc.)<BR>- Optionally, code is separate from HTML template files for easy layout changes.<BR><BR>REQUIREMENTS: <BR>- Windows 9x/NT/2000 <BR>- ADO 2.0 <BR>- Internet Explorer 5+ <BR>(generated code runs on Windows and UNIX systems)<BR><BR>USER MANUAL:<BR>CodeCharge is simple to learn and easy to use:<BR>1. Choose a language, any language<BR>2. Choose a database, any database<BR>3. Choose a favorite graphics scheme<BR>4. Assemble web forms by selecting database fields to be inclued on each page.<BR>5. Attach exterenal components for more power.<BR>6. Generate source code and separately, the HTML template files.<BR>7. Modify HTML layouts using any web design program like DreamWeaver, HomeSite, FrontPage, etc.<BR>Enjoy!<BR>