I have an asp page where I want to create a report <BR><BR>This is the Stored Procedure I am using to get the data I want, Now I want <BR>to compute the sum of the Dozens for each week and display it on a page, <BR>showing the week and the total sum of the dozens for that week. <BR><BR>I tried adding in my SP a line saying Compute Sum (dozens) by Week_of when I <BR>do that it only displays one week, with out the total of the dozens... <BR><BR><BR><BR>Any Help Would be Great <BR><BR>Ken <BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE [sp_retrieve_plant_schedule] <BR><BR>@Plant varchar (5) <BR><BR>AS <BR><BR>SELECT <BR>week_of [Week of], <BR>style [Style], <BR>color [Color], <BR>lot [Lot], <BR>cut_ticket [Ticket], <BR>dozens [Dozens], <BR>due_date [Due Date], <BR>actual_cut_date [Actual Cut Date], <BR>sample_approved_Date [Sample Approved], <BR>style_desc [Description], <BR>comment_1 [Comment], <BR>comment_2 [Comment] <BR><BR>FROM Plant_Schedule <BR><BR>WHERE Plant = @Plant <BR><BR>ORDER BY week_of <BR><BR><BR><BR>Below is the output from sql query to a txt file...this is what I want on my asp<BR>Week of Style Color Lot Ticket Dozens Due Date Actual Cut Date Sample Approved Description Comment Comment <BR>-------- ------- ----- ---- ------ -------------------- -------- --------------- --------------- ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- <BR>01/03/01 R08218 WHT B 32600 70 01/03/01 BEDCORD+BONNET <BR>01/03/01 R17838 WHT B 32628 60 01/03/01 LATTICE+BONNET <BR>01/03/01 R25154 YEL B 32505 50 01/03/01 INVERT PLEAT <BR>01/03/01 R33348 PER A 32510 50 01/03/01 X-BACK <BR>01/03/01 R35140 YEL A 32416 56 01/03/01 10/18/00 LATTICE BALLET <BR>01/03/01 R35154 YEL B 32583 245 01/03/01 INVERT PLEAT <BR>01/03/01 R45140 YEL A 32417 75 01/03/01 10/17/00 LATTICE BALLET <BR>01/03/01 R45154 YEL B 32566 125 01/03/01 INVERT PLEAT <BR>01/03/01 R46406 NAV F 32567 80 01/03/01 10/04/00 INVERT PLEAT <BR>01/03/01 R47198 SAG B 32568 120 01/03/01 LINEN W/PEARLS <BR>01/03/01 S27365 PRT A 32682 75 01/03/01 SS ROSES <BR>01/03/01 S28303 WHT A 32569 200 01/03/01 PIQUE FLAR + BA <BR><BR> sum<BR> ========================================<BR> 1206<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>