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    Should these be used sparingly? let me give a scenario.<BR>Our company, (and I am not a programmer just a developer) is using includes for every piece of "text" in the web page so that they can get around the language barrier of a multi-language site. I guess somewhere they are doing some backend programming to change the language of the asp include and we have been asked to use those includes in our webpages. Thus, we are using anywhere from 7 to 20 includes per page. My question: Will this create a "HUGE" performance problem and is this a bad idea? Also is there a better way to do it? What about with JSP? is it the same?<BR><BR>Reed

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    Includes are done very fast! 7 is perfectly fine, I don&#039t know about 20 or more though. You might start to notice a slow down depending on how big the includes are and what is done in each one.

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