I have made a website for my department, with a section for browsing files(mostly MS Office documents in a virtual directory in the FTP site) in a read only fashion over the web on a page using the filesystem object (not websharing). Users can create directories and move files via a login protected FTP. The majority of users are using Win95 (I DON&#039T know why), thus precluding a share on the Win2000 server (the IPC$ share password problem). Well my manager tells me yesterday, that there is a file that is updated weekly, by many users. I had had this file in the FTP. The problem is that many people will be updating it at the same time, and only the last person&#039s changes will show up. This is what he wants: When someone opens the file for updating, it makes it read only for other users. It will still be accessible for other users, and tell people who has it open for updating. I&#039m not really sure what the best way to do this is. I was thinking that an easy solution would be to put the file in another FTP with a one connection max, but he mentioned that somebody could have the file open for hours idle, so the session would time out. I was thinking possibly about putting it in a database, but that is pretty clumsy and complicated. I have heard of a component available on the microsoft sit that allows you modify properties of a file with IIS, and I was thinking that when someone downloaded the file, I could have IIS set the server copy to read-only, and when they saved it, it would overwrite the readonly property. But I don&#039t think this will work as I intend it too. Anyone have any thoughts?<BR><BR>PS. Who here hates being the recipient of blame when the parameters of a project are always changing and never communicated?