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Thread: deleting rows from table without SQL

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    Default deleting rows from table without SQL

    Hi, I have an asp guestbook which allows people to write to an access database. I want to make it so that an administrator of the site can delete unsuitable entries via an admin page. this will probably mean the admin page showing all entries with perhaps a checkbox next to each entry. Then a delete button which will delete the checked entries from the access db. How can i do this? Please help!!

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    Default Very easy CODE it

    you will have to try something and then ask us. There is some code that has to be written and i doubt someone wil be willing to write it for you.<BR><BR>Start and try something and then ask us when you get stuck and we will be able to help you.<BR><BR>First select all the records and display in a loop placing a checkbox in one of the cells. <BR><BR>then put a submit button on that page and submit it to another page. On that other page check what records have been checked and then you can delete all those records checked with a SQL query

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