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    John Tamburo Guest

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    I tried the solution posted earlier like this:<BR><BR>B78 is on the form as a radio button group with a value of Y or N One choice allowed, nothing checked to start. Validation on OnSubmit is this:<BR><BR> if (RadioChecked(form.B78) == false){<BR> required_fields += &#039There is no Yes/No Choice for the Built Before 1978 field.
    &#039<BR> }<BR><BR>Required_fields triggers an alert if the string is not empty.<BR><BR>Here is the RadioChecked function:<BR><BR><BR>function RadioChecked(cBox){<BR> var i;<BR> for (i=0; i&#060;cBox.Length; i++){<BR> if( cBox[i].checked == true ) return true;<BR> }<BR>return false;<BR>}<BR><BR>This NEVER returns true!<BR><BR>Hellllp!<BR>

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    Kulu Guest

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    Try:<BR>cBox[i].checked = true

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