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    Is there way to put maxlength in textarea field, b&#039coz I used one but still it accepts more than the maximum limit.<BR>Currently I am using it like this.<BR>&#060;textarea rows="3" cols="34" name="txtName" maxlength="250"&#062;&#060;/textarea&#062;

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    Nope<BR><BR>you could check it in client or server side script BEFORE you insert into the DB

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    The only way I could get it to work was to put javascript in the page that alerted Mr. User that the text was too long. <BR>E.g.:<BR>if (txtName.length &#062; 250){<BR> alert ("You have entered a name that is " + txtName.length<BR> + " characters long. The maximum length <BR> is 250 characters. Please shorten it.");<BR>}<BR><BR>You can modify the code to make sure that the user can&#039t submit anything until he shortens the length. Depending on what you&#039re page is doing.... <BR><BR>Hope this helps....<BR>yeeehaaa7@yahoo.com

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