I hate frames, so I&#039ve been playing around with #include files to build my site. My pages can be devided into;<BR><BR>Common.asp (Top portion of my site)<BR>nav.asp (The side navigator)<BR>ad.asp (The far right side, for advertising)<BR>Footer.asp (For the bottom)<BR>headlines.asp (Which is the main body of the page.)<BR><BR>The way I have it setup now, is the default.asp page has the layout design of my site in tables. Each one of these tables performs an #include to the respective section. This ties everything in together nicely. But for some reason I&#039m still not comfortable that I am approaching this the right way. It would be much simplar if I could just design any page, and put an include in the header or something which would format my page. Like a template or something. I&#039m new at ASP so any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>I thought it is pretty slick how ASPIN.com work. Where you put something like &#060;#MyPage#&#062; on your site, and everything falls into place.<BR><BR>What are others doing? How does 4GuysFromRolla do it?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>ken Wincel<BR>kwincel@happytech.net<BR>www.happytech.n et