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    We are configuring a new NT server to host our web site, and all was going well until I came in this morning. The ASP scripts are still running fine, but whenever one tries to open a database connection the page simply times out.<BR><BR>The ADODB.Connection object can be created, but applying .open to it causes the time out.<BR><BR>There are no error messages displayed, no entries are written to the IIS WWW logs, the security log, the event log or the applications log. It makes no diference whether we use a system DNS or a fully specified DBQ string.<BR><BR>We are using MS Access databases (waiting for our purchasing dept to sort out SQL Server licenses) with anonymous read acces. I have checked the security permissions on all the ado, odbc and jet directories and dlls, and iis and file permissions for all the script directories. <BR><BR>Can anyone suggest what else we should check?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Mark Wilson

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    Shouldn&#039t you set the security to Read/Script acces ?<BR>And otherwise check the Session Time-out.<BR><BR>Dan

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