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    Eric Trudel Guest

    Default Problems with Global.ASA

    We are having major problems implementing the GLOBAL.ASA features on our server. For some reasons, when we do create one, our ASP pages start to act totally erratically. For no apparent reasons the server restarts the application at random intervals (as far as i can tell!)and session variables are reinitialized. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn&#039t... I am pulling my hair off with this danm thing!! I hope someone can help me out. <BR><BR><BR>Regards<BR>Eric

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    an application only lasts as long as there is an active session present - sometimes you just have to live with these things.<BR><BR>j

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    Eric Trudel Guest

    Default I am aware of this.... still more problem with glo

    I am fully aware of this. <BR><BR>When I say it is restarting for no reasons I mean that it restarts when there is active sessions on the server.. hense the problem with the reinitialised session variables. example : log on to the server, click on a few pages, then for no reasons, we get errors when entering or reloading a page. Typical errors are : problems with the value of a session variable (because it was reinitialised when the application/server restarted) or this error message : can not perform this action while server is restarting. <BR><BR>If we remove the global.asa file, BINGO !! No more problems!!!!<BR><BR>I hope you understand better now.

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