Greetings fellow developers:<BR><BR>I am a web developer from Connecticut and I am currently working with a team of other people to introduce an online work request management system for our company. I am not a database programmer, administrator, or guru by any means; but my experiences with databases (as constructed for the web) have been "common-sense" and simple.<BR><BR>We have a person on our team who insists on building an Oracle database with 38 tables for use in this work request management system. A database like this, with all its complexity, will certainly dictate the design of the web interface and/or applications (because it will limit the amount of information we can show at one time; unless you want to perform 10-15 table joins). It is my contention that web databases should not be this complex because it will limit and dictate your web design.<BR><BR>Since, I am fairly new to the concept of "web databasing"; can someone please tell me if it is common for web databases to have so many tables. Furthermore, is there a "standard" by which you should construct a database specifically targeted for web application? Lastly, do you have to create a relational table for EVERYTHING? Any and all answers would be much appreciated. I need to learn this as much as anyone, I suppose. Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Bill Anthony<BR>Ellington, CT