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    Hi !<BR>Well is this better to name the include files in ASP as .asp rather than .inc.<BR>Explain..

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    Well, that&#039s a very timely question, actually.<BR><BR>Because of so many bugs in IIS, I have recently decided that it is better to use .ASP rather than .INC. The reason is, if there is a problem with IIS (another security error), than it is more probable that IIS will simply &#039serve out&#039 the INC file, rather than attempt to interpret/run it. This can lead to bad things (disclosure of your source code, possible security violations, etc.)<BR><BR>Prior to that, I used .INC because it seemed a better way to organize my code libraries. Now, I don&#039t recommend it to anyone.<BR><BR>(Of course there are ways to protect yourself against the scenario described above, e.g. disallowing READ rights on your script directory, adding INC as a recognized extension in IIS, etc., but I still now recommend using .ASP)<BR>

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