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    What I have got is a query that runs though an array, checking all the keywords agist the DB<BR>What I want is a way to register which pages had a positive search and how many key words were found in each page? any ideas.<BR><BR>==================================== =============================<BR>str = request.form ("user_subject")<BR>str = replace(str,"the ","")<BR>MyArray = Split(str) <BR>number = Ubound(MyArray)+1<BR>response.write number<BR><BR>onedimarray = split(str, " ", number)<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT subject, body, date2 FROM press WHERE"<BR>For intcounter = 0 to Ubound(MyArray)<BR>response.write onedimarray(intcounter)<BR>SQL = SQL & " body LIKE &#039%" & onedimarray(intcounter) & "%&#039 OR"<BR>next<BR>SQL = SQL & " body LIKE &#039%" & onedimarray(0) & "%&#039"<BR> objCon.Execute(SQL)<BR>=========================== ======================================

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    Did you want to include the first word of the array twice?

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    Default Nope!

    I have delt with that thanks but any idea how to rate the results

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