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Thread: Jet Database Engine cannot open the file

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    Chidambaram Guest

    Default Jet Database Engine cannot open the file

    I am getting the following error when run the ASP script to open a database connection<BR><BR>ODBC driver error &#039 80004005&#039<BR>The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file (&#039unknown&#039). It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.

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    Default What is the code?

    it seems like you are not openning the connection right.

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    Default RE: Jet Database Engine cannot open the file

    This behaviour is by design!<BR><BR>The error can occur when the database is OPEN IN ACCESS, or when a Visual InterDev project is open that CONTAINS A DATA CONNECTION TO THE DATABASE. <BR><BR>It&#039s a Windows NT permissions problem. The account that is accessing the page doesn&#039t have sufficient permissions to lock the database. The account would be either the anonymous account (by default the IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062;) or a specific user account if the page has been secured for authenticated access. <BR><BR>If the page is MEANT to be accessed anonymously, give the IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; account full control to the ASP page, and the folder and files where the database is located. Additionally, if the path to the database is being referenced using UNC (\ServerShare), MAKE SURE that the Share Permissions allow the IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; account full access. This step applies EVEN IF THE SHARE IS ON THE LOCAL WEB SERVER. <BR><BR>If the page has been secured such that the IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; can&#039t access the file or database, then ensure that the user&#039s account that is being authenticated has full control to the appropriate folders and files. <BR><BR>At a minimum, the account being used needs Create, Destroy, Read, Write to work with the .ldb file. Specific permission can be applied to the database to limit access. <BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR><BR>PS.<BR>A quick way of ensuring any particular error is a permissions issue is to add the IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; account to the Administrators group. If this fixes the error, then it is a matter of ensuring that the user account being used has sufficient permissions. <BR><BR>NB. Ensure that you remove the IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062; account from the Administrators group when finished testing!<BR><BR>

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    Chidambaram Guest

    Default RE: What is the code?

    I think I don&#039t have any problem with the code. Because when I run the same page in my personal web server it works fine. But when I port it over to the Windows NT server, I get this problem. I don&#039t know why?

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