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    When I load an asp (with a database query) for the first time in a while (about 15 minutes) it&#039s slow. It takes about 12 secs, while normally it&#039s less then one. The second time I do this, it&#039s at normal speed. In the perfomance monitor, I see the cpu drop back BEFORE I get the page. What&#039s it waiting for?<BR>We have nt4, sp3 sql server 6.5 sp2, iis4 installed on the same machine<BR><BR>Greetings<BR>Barteld<BR>

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    Have you got anything set up in your Global.asa file for when a Session starts. If so its probable that running that code would slow the display of the first page, then after waiting a while your session has timed out (I think the default time out is set to 20 minutes) so when you request an asp page again your session is started over and the global.asa code is run again.<BR><BR>Just a thought anyway.<BR><BR>Pete

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