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Thread: ENABLESESSIONSTATE using server-side JavaScript

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    Does anyone know how to use the “ENABLESESSIONSTATE”-statement when using server-side JavaScript in the ASP-script? In our application, all server-side JavaScript’s starts with:<BR>&#060;%@ LANGUAGE="JavaScript"%&#062;<BR>&#060;% Response.Buffer = true; <BR> Response.Expires = 0;%&#062;<BR><BR>It is not allowed to use more than one page command (the @ command) in the Active Server Page. How do we then set the @ENABLESESSIONSTATE-statement?<BR>Our web-server requires that the default language is VBScript since the web-server serves as a web-hotel for several ASP-applications running VBScript. <BR><BR>Regards, <BR>J. P. Sefland

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    Default RE: ENABLESESSIONSTATE using server-side JavaScrip

    &#060;%@ LANGUAGE="JavaScript",ENABLESESSIONSTATE=false%&#0 62;<BR><BR>j

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