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    I tried the code string that you gave me, but it killed the data in the database fields for that jobid except in two fields that had N in the fields. <BR><BR>I&#039m going to be on for an hour, so if you see this respond. I would appreciate it if you could look at a couple of ASP pages to see if you see the problem.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the error I got: Invalid use of Null: &#039Replace&#039

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    I don&#039t understand, read the bloody error message.<BR><BR>It says invalid use of null.<BR><BR>What function are you using? Replace<BR><BR>Why would you get this error? You are passing a null value as an argument which is not allowed.<BR><BR>Hence you cannot use Null in a required argument of the Replace function.<BR>

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    Default To spoon feeder: Tim is a rank novice

    He&#039s not really a programmer, apparently. He got this thing shoved at him after some contractors wrote some pretty ugly and stupid code, collected their big bucks, and left. He probably doesn&#039t even know *how* to debug the code.<BR><BR>The "right solution" would be to hire the contractors back to fix the problem, except they&#039d probably give Tim&#039s company more junky code.<BR><BR>This is a problem that is going to escalate as we get more and more web sites implemented by fly-by-nighters who can&#039t program and maintained by people untrained in programming and/or ASP. It makes me wonder if somebody couldn&#039t make a darned good living just cleaning up after such people. <BR><BR>

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