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    Does anyone know how to force a certain ASP into action on Session end ??<BR><BR>I tried the following but it had no effect.<BR><BR>Sub Session_onEnd<BR> Response.Redirect "new.asp"<BR>end sub<BR>

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    nope, session_onend doesn&#039t always fire.<BR><BR>you&#039d be best checking for a certain session variable&#039s existence in each page, and if it doesn&#039t exist, bounce the user - it&#039s more reliable anyway<BR><BR>j

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    apart from Session_OnEnd being unreleiable, it does not support the request, response or server objects. The only built-in objects you can use are session and application. So, for example, if you need to use a server.mapPath directive, store the fully qualified path in an application variable BEFORE the session ends.<BR>

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