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    Why cant I install the beta version on my machine? I am running Win95, although the server on my network I am installing it to is NT with IIS4. The error message I get is as follows, it usually happens when the download is 99% complete:<BR><BR>internal error <BR>2605.MsiExec.exe<BR>c/windows/system,c/windows/stystem<BR><BR>I am not sure what this is all about considering how I am not even installing on my C: drive.<BR><BR>I downloaded the stuff on my machine and then try to install it on a different machine. I have even tried to put it on my D drive which I know has plenty of room.<BR><BR>What gives?<BR><BR>Please help me so I can begin developing with .Net, as I am extremley anxious (and very frusturated)

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    .NET *requires* Windows 2000 - you can&#039t run it on anything else<BR><BR>j

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