I am currently working on a page where users can search for a record using a non unique id number (duplicate numbers allowed). The record/s should then appear on the same page. When the user clicks on the record (currently, im using a javascript select function) and presses a "Remove" button, the record will be removed from the current database and moved to another archive database table. <BR>THe script works fine if one record is displayed, but runs into problems when multiple records appear (since there are some records with identical id numbers)<BR>As an idea to tackle this problem , I ran a loop so that each record will have a number appended at the end so that each record will be unique<BR>mcount = 0<BR>Do While Not rscurrent.EOF<BR>mcount=mcount +1<BR><BR>Then when the user clicks on that record, only that record should be selected and moved. Do you think my idea will work? <BR>Im very new to this and I appreciate any help greatly. <BR>thanks, <BR>Sue