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    Should I use an identity field for a relational primary key?<BR>What if one of my indentity fields in my relational database <BR>gets renumbered? Then I have lost all my relations.<BR><BR>M

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    and why and how will you renumbered an identity col??

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    I use identity fields all the time as primary keys...It works really good and you don&#039t have to worry about uniqueness...<BR><BR>The only way to renumber an identity is to take identity property off...If you ever were to do...I would hope you had A VERY GOOD reason to...And...Would take into account change ramifications...<BR><BR>Once an identity assigns a value, you can&#039t renumber unless you do above or delete field (be wary of) and readd...<BR><BR>So...Hope this helps...<BR><BR>RipCat

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