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    When a user enters a password in a form with input type="password", the password is displayed as asterisks(***). When the password is written to my Access database it is displayed as readable text. <BR><BR>Is there a way to encrypt the password column of data in Access so the password is not revealed when viewing the database? <BR><BR>Thank you.

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    You are using the db to store the login details for users of your site. The db should be located in a folder that does not allow hppt access, and therefore should not be downloadable. So nobody should be able to access the data to read it, and you do not need to encript the data. You never display the password in plain text format. Of course if your are the site developer, or sys admin there may be good reason for you to be able to see the data, to verify that your program is working properly. Also you may want to provide the facility for the system to email the user his password password if he forgets it.<BR><BR>I think that encryption is unnecessary and undesirable.

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