Akhilesh, Can I pay you for specific help??

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Thread: Akhilesh, Can I pay you for specific help??

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    Default Akhilesh, Can I pay you for specific help??

    Akhilesh,<BR><BR>I need help with this QueryString Code and feel guilty for posting so much today,, can I pay you for about 30 minutes of your time??? I&#039m serious.. if you have a paypal Account I&#039ll do it now.... <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Tuleta Copeland

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    Default Yes a LOT of money please

    Well i charge about $120 an hour so you will owe me $60<BR><BR>jk<BR><BR>if i dont have much work i would love to help and my charges will be nothing other than you learn from this and if someone else has a similar problem you will help them.<BR><BR>Post the problem and whoever can help will be glad to even if i cant. This is what the messageboard is for.<BR><BR>If you wnat ONLY me to help (why i would not know) you can email me but i might not be able to solve your problem like some of the brilliant people here<BR><BR>akhilesh_reddy@countrywide.com

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