I&#039m a Web Developer in Boston with nearly 2 years of corporate experience, <BR>mostly as a consultant. I&#039m currently not working and available immediately. <BR><BR>I have built a website as a sample of my work with HTML, Active Server Pages and SQL. The site is located at http://www.jobfast.net and features 2 <BR>search engines, a bug reporting application, and some other advanced concepts <BR>of ASP. <BR><BR>I currently live in the Boston area and am only available for work within <BR>Boston, Cambridge or MBTA accessible area. I am open to a position which <BR>requires travel and/or relocating. Also available to telecommute. <BR><BR>Most of my experience is with Microsoft technologies but I can pick up new <BR>technologies and languages quickly. <BR><BR>My resume is below. If interested please contact me via email at <BR>maniello@jobfast.net. <BR><BR>Thank you for viewing my resume. <BR><BR>_______________________________ <BR><BR><BR><BR>Marc Aniello <BR>Phone: 617.926.1409 <BR>E-mail: maniello@jobfast.net <BR><BR>COMPUTER SKILLS <BR><BR>Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual InterDev, Windows 95/98/NT, Internet <BR>Information Server (IIS), HTML, NetObjects Team Fusion, FrontPage2000, <BR>Photoshop. Some experience with: JavaScript, MS SQL Server 7, Access2000, <BR>Vignette StoryServer. Currently in training for XML. <BR><BR><BR>URLs <BR>www.rmf.org, www.studyworksonline.com, www.mathsoft.com, <BR>www.jobfast.net <BR><BR><BR>PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE <BR><BR>MathSoft, Inc. – Cambridge, MA <BR>Webmaster/Web Developer <BR>March 2000-August 2000 <BR><BR>· Responsible for directing all web site activities for www.mathsoft.com, <BR>a 4,000+ page ASP/SQL Server driven web site, and www.studyworksonline.com, <BR>which was selected as a “hot site” by USAToday.com. <BR>· Researched and implemented new web technologies such as Vignette StoryServer <BR>content management and LiveStats statistics reporting software. <BR>· Built ASP/Transact-SQL search engine for MathSoft employees to query database <BR>information over the web. <BR><BR><BR>FreeScholarships.com – Waltham, MA <BR>Consultant <BR>November 1999-March 2000 <BR><BR>· Responsible for identifying and correcting Active Server Pages, JavaScript, <BR>and HTML errors throughout www.freescholarships.com, a high volume and high <BR>profile database-driven e-commerce web site. <BR>· Discovered and corrected major cross browser HTML and CSS errors. <BR><BR><BR>Risk Management Foundation &#124 Harvard Medical Institutions -Cambridge, MA <BR>Consultant <BR>November 1999-January 2000 <BR><BR>· Worked with team of developers to rebuild and redesign www.rmf.org, a 1,000+ <BR>page web site using NetObjects Team Fusion. <BR>· Identified cross-browser compatibility issues and developed solutions for <BR>them. <BR><BR><BR>International Generating Company, Boston, MA <BR>Consultant <BR>January 1999-September 1999 <BR><BR>· Responsible for maintaining and updating the company’s 400+ page corporate <BR>intranet web site. <BR>· Identified weak spots to improve site functionality and navigation. <BR>· Managed operations in absence of Webmaster. <BR><BR><BR>EDUCATION <BR>Northeastern University- Boston, MA <BR>Computer Programming Certificate, April 1999 <BR>GPA: 3.33/4.0. <BR>Course Description: Advanced development courses in Visual Basic, C <BR>Programming, <BR>Access, HTML and JavaScript <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><B R><BR><BR>